Applications of PU Foam

Polyurethane foams find their usability in a variety of industrial applications. From automobile to comfort to clothing and packaging, PU foam is a panacea for many applications. The most commonly used foam is flexible PU foam.

Flexible Polyurethane Foams

Flexible polyurethane foams find their application mostly where cushioning is required as mattresses, seating, furniture, and specialty items. These foams generally have low-density makes them flexible and provide cushioning effects. The foams are tested on various measures such as firmness, stiffness, load-bearing capacity, compressibility, density, tensile strength, tear, shear, and elongation, and many more. The Indentation load (force) deflection or ILD (IFD) is the test method for urethane foam used to measure those parameters. Detail research regarding ergonomics is being made to get suitable data to meet the requirement of comfort is done particularly for the comfort industry and a similar proposition is made for other industrial requirements. This helps in achieving greater relevance and quality. Fire-Retardant foams, Anti UV foams, Anti Static foams, Green gel foams, memory foams fall under the arena of flexible foams.

SMFPL Product Offerings

At Shree Malani Foams, almost all types of foams are being manufactured. SMFPL cater to different needs in Technical grade, Bedding grade & Furniture grade. With a wide range of colors, densities, and sizes, We also provide custom or tailor-made products too. With the best in the industry, Shree Malani Foams offers vivid foaming solutions.

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