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The selection of PU foam depends on customer application. Generally, High Resilience and Cell Structure are the trademark qualities of a superior PU foam. Cenflex has a wide range of foams that caters to different customer applications. HR foam is preferred for seating applications (Chairs & Sofas) and in Mattress top layers. Memory foam & other Pure foams are used for the Mattress top layer that adapts to the shape of your body to provide excellent support and relieve pressure points.

Cenflex is the flagship brand of Shree Malani Foams and is in the PU foam business since 2008. We have the best-in-class infrastructure and machinery for production and quality control. Cenflex will assure you of Quality, Service & Satisfaction at an affordable price. Cenflex has a wide range of foams that caters to different applications.

Cenflex provides Sheets & Rolls in all standard sizes. (72 x 36; 72 x 48; 72 x 60; 72 x 78; 72 x 84). For any custom sizes, MOQ (Minimum order quantity) is mandatory. Cenflex also provides a warranty on its foams. And the warranty period is based on the PU foam grade.

In SMFPL we manufacture almost every kind of PU foam that caters to all Domestic and Technical applications of customers. Our specialty includes HR, JJ, Memory Foam, RBF, Super soft, Ortho & our Flagship foam brand Resilia which comes with a lifetime warranty.

Cenflex foams come in numerous colors that suites the tastes of Indian customers. By adding a color that matches customer’s preferences, we add value by coordinating packaging with contents and also by making it easier for them to identify the product they want.

Shree Malani foams meet the requirements of ISO 9001-2015 & BIS standards. Along with many others, we are also recognized with AEO-T2 certification for our commitment to secure the international supply chain and in compliance with the Safe framework of standards.

Shree Malani foams have a broad reach in the technical segment. Our lamination grade foam serves a variety of applications in the Automobile, Shoe, and lamination industry. Our FR foam is used as a canopy for DG sets & sound absorption in Acoustic applications. The Anti-UV and Anti-Static foams services Lingerie & Packaging industries.

Yes, polyurethanes are safe. Polyurethanes are derived from chemicals called diisocyanates and polyols that undergo a reaction to form an inert substance – polyurethane. Substantial research has shown polyurethanes to be safe and inert. Also, PU foams are environmentally friendly. Due to their long life, they are not frequently disposed of in the environment. Also, they can be broken down into harmless substances. For more, refer to our Blog in Useful Links.

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