High-Resilience foam offers Superior Performance Suitable for Long Working Hours. This High-Quality foam with a unique Composition Contours to the Body Shape Exceptionally Well. The extreme elasticity provides Optimal support and Offers Unique Pressure Distribution Over the entire Surface. Greater bounce, Greater Workplace Ergonomics. It is an Ideal Product for High end Sleeping and Seating applications

ISI & REACH Certified, X Bounce technology, Passes Road Roller Test for Durability, Assured Warranty.


If the end goal is absolute comfort and Plush feel, then Silky our Soft HR Foam performs miraculously in furniture applications and even as an extra layer of padding in mattress to relieve pressure and provide a sense of complete luxury. It is the best cushioning material available in the market and ensure Enhanced comfort for years.

ISI & REACH Certified, X Bounce technology, Passes Road Roller Test for Durability, Assured Warranty.


TuffBond is a first of its kind Premium Rebonded foam made inhouse using newly manufactured foam microchips. It is a perfect balance of support and comfort and provides excellent spinal alignment, motion isolation and years of performance.

TuffBond can withstand high-impact usage & finds its uses in Orthopedic or firm mattresses, it is also an ideal foam for uses in carpet padding, Packaging etc.

Introducing our Copper Infused Foams:

Copper Gel is a revolutionary new foam additive that allows microscopic copper-infused gel particles to penetrate the foam’s cellular structure. Copper is a fully natural and environmentally friendly mineral that is a necessary nutrient in many ecosystems and is involved in a variety of cellular functions in the human body. Copper naturally protects any product from viruses and microbiological growth, thus preventing smell. Copper’s strong conductivity complements and enhances the thermal qualities of gel, assisting in the dissipation of excess body heat for a cooler, healthier, and more pleasant sleep.

(Available in 32 Density)
Welcome to world of copper magic. CuGel is a copper-infused hyper-elastic foam, Great for temperature management, High Breathability and Porosity. It is designed to contour your body with the superior pressure-point relief. It can be paired with additional foam layers to create a more customized sleep experience . Copper also allows excess body heat to dissipate more quickly for longer lasting thermal comfort.

(Available in 50 D)
When all-natural copper and soft cradling memory foam come together, the best sleeping experience is what you’re in for! The conductivity of copper enhances the thermal properties of memory foam and helps it dissipate excess body heat to provide a cooler and more comfortable sleep & maintains freshness. Copper Gel particles also provide an increased pressure response, which keeps the mattress from sagging under heavy loads. This additional support is key to providing Memory-foam mattresses that are infused with copper.


Resilia is a brand of very High Resilience Foam manufactured at Shree Malani Foams Pvt. Ltd. Resilia comes from thehouse of Centuary, and while it finds use largely in mattresses, It also find use in cushioning for seating applications.

Resilia stands out from other forms in the market for the following reasons:

High Resilience: Bounce Technology helps create a stronger, durable and more resilient product, thus making it the ideal choice for select applications in the comfort industry.

Anti-Microbial Technology: Resilia is made by implanting the latest Anti-Microbial technology which inhibits the growth of stain and odour causing bacteria and fung. This also preventsdeterioration of the foam from exposure to water used for spot cleaning/washing.

Lifetime Warranty: It retains its original shape and strength for several years, offering long-lasting and efficient service. This is reinforced by its distinction of being the first foam product in the market to have a Lifetime Warranty

Foams under the Resilia brand are superior quality products that are used in high-end comfort applications

Resilia is available in the market in the following densities – 28 kg/m3, 32 kg/m3, 40 kg/m3 & 50 kg/m3

ISI & REACH Certified, X Bounce technology, Passes Road Roller Test for Durability, Anti-Microbial ,Assured Warranty.

Welcome to the world of Cenflex PU foams

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