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Shree Malani Foams Pvt. Ltd. is a leading player in the PU Foams which caters to different industries as Footwear, Automobile, Furniture etc. With a wide range of offerings in PU foams in different color, sizes and densities, SMFPL also provide an option of customized foams. All these demand is processed under our flagship brand Cenflex.

Cenflex Foam is manufactured and sold by Shree Malani Foams Pvt. Ltd.; a company established in the year 2008 with a vision to emerge as a manufacturer of high-quality Polyurethane (PU) Foam.

The company is promoted by the house of Centuary brand of mattresses, which is one of the oldest and leading manufacturers of sleep solutions in India.

Shree Malani Foams Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with ISI Certification for the Cenflex range of products. Automation has been adopted at most points in the production line to ensure minimal human intervention. A highly qualified technical team oversees production at the plant and an efficient workforce executes tasks, thus adhering to the laid-out quality standards.

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Since its inception, the company has incorporated the best in technology, powered by innovative research. This drive towards new and better solutions was the genesis of one the best and most advanced PU Foam plants in the country.

Cenflex Foams is a leading player in the PU Foam market in the country, mainly due to its product quality and range. Its technical and industrial foams are supplied to various consumers and converters, where as its furniture and mattress grade foams are widely distributed through an extensive retail channel. The company has an extensive network of warehouses and regional offices across the country to help it reach its customers.

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To be a Global Leader in the business of Comfort by fostering a culture of Excellence, Progressive Thinking, and Continuous Improvement

To provide innovative, reliable, and accessible comfort solutions to many customers worldwide by enhancing our domestic and international customer base. This business objective is supported by a fair, transparent, and disciplined working philosophy; promotion of values such as integrity, stability, and developing mutually beneficial long-term relationships with suppliers, clients, and all over stakeholders

Core Values


Siddharth Malani is the Managing Director and Founder member of Shree Malani Foams – one of India’s leading Polyurethane Foam manufacturers. A chemical Engineer by education, he has been at the forefront of innovation by bringing advanced foams products of technical nature to the Indian market which find application in furniture & bedding, footwear, automobiles, packaging, lingerie to name a few.

Having founded the company in the year 2006 post his MBA, Siddharth’s vision has been to lead with a passion for excellence in driving the company to a leadership position globally. He has been instrumental in creating a first of its kind partnership with a leading global furniture retailer for supplies to their South Asia Stores. Under Siddharth’s vision, Shree Malani Foams was the first player in India to introduce the Hennecke technology to the Indian market and continues to be a leader at driving innovation that brings efficiency for the industry at large.

His working philosophy is “When in Rome, do better than the Romans”. An avid photographer by hobby, Siddharth loves spending time with children and his ultimate stress buster is his work.


Cenflex Foams boasts of an elaborately planned manufacturing facility. The facility is spread over 1,50,000 sq. ft. and is equipped with State-of-the-Art machinery. To promote maximum output and personnel safety, it has the best-planned plant layout and an intricate system of safety measures at multiple levels.


Shree Malani Foams Pvt. Ltd. is equipped with some of the best machinery in the industry.

The processing facility at the plant maintains high standards of accuracy and precision. 30 meter long blocks are brought in from the storage shed through a system of cranes and conveyors, and undergo a series of cutting and packing operations to produce the desired end product.

Production of foam is an exothermic polymerization reaction, and a well-planned curing area is essential to ensure the thermal and dimensional stability of the end product. The use of racks and conveyors, coupled with a huge long-block storage facility is the key aspect to providing not just a quality product, but timely deliveries and service to all clients.

The plant also boasts of a recycling facility that uses waste and scrap foam pieces in making rebonded foam. This foam finds use in various applications such as carpet underlays and mattresses and ensures minimal waste generation from the facility.

Certifications Details


AEO T2 Certification

Higher level of facilitation in the Imports & Exports of consignments
Issuing Authority: Govt. of India


BIS License

Bureau of Indian standards
Issuing Authority: Govt. of India


NVT-QC Certification

Process compliance Certification
Issuing Authority: NVT-QC India.


ISO 9001-2015

Quality Management system
Issuing Authority: Govt. of India


REACH Certification

Substances of very high concern (SVHC) – Not detected
Issuing Authority: UK Govt.


FR Certification

UL94 & FMVSS 302 complaint – Automotive research association of India
Issuing Authority: ARAI – Independent body


FR Test

CFR 1632, 1633 FR Complaint – For Private Lable in US
Issuing Authority: SGS Lab – NY, US.


CertiPUR-US Certification

Flexible polyurethane foam products
Issuing Authority: CertiPUR-US

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