PU foam is a soft material that offers comfort and is a great energy saver used in different acoustical operations, bedding, furniture, etc. Yet, they have both pros and cons.

But before getting into the discussion about PU foams, let us understand the benefit of sound sleep. There is no such good and a bad mattress. This all depends upon the sleep quality it offers to you based on your body weight, age, and physique. Sleep quality depends on various external and internal factors. Let’s concentrate on the external factors here that are your sleep environment that consists of pillows, mattress, ventilation, lighting, room temperature, odor, etc. Our body recovers and relaxes in different sleep phases and therefore, it needs essential factors: a perfect sleep environment.

A soft/firm pillow, a cozy mattress that aligns as per your posture, and a proper room temperature as per the climate suit best for a sound sleep. These elements help to sleep better and wake fresh despite body aches, headaches.

Why is it important to have a mattress?

Your sleep quality depends highly on your mattress experience. From the duration of your sleep to the overall sleep experience, your comfort level, most of it relies on your mattress making it the core of your bedroom. Moreover, for people with sleep inability, disorders, or less sleep, it is more important to choose a good mattress. A low-quality mattress can lead to poor quality sleep. Therefore, it is important to have a good mattress.

Why PU foams for mattresses?

PU foam is very much affordable, available and softer materials which are we find in mattresses. Affordability does not reduce the price but moreover, the price depends on what quality, thickness, density, etc of PU foams you are using to make your mattress. For the mattress, one mainly focuses on factors like durability, softness, comfortability. PU foams cover most of these factors. Also, PU Foam works to give a cooler yet comfortable sleeping experience.

PU Foam consists of wider pores and more of an open-cell structure and enhances and regulates temperature distribution. The abrasion resistance property of PU foams provides resistance to wear and tear and can also be used as a support or sandwich layer in a hybrid mattress. Though it is good for temperature regulation absorbs moisture resulting in bad odor and therefore needs high maintenance but configuring the PU foams in terms of densities can help gain more softness in the mattress. Today in almost every mattress, you can find either a layer of PU foam or even a mattress made of only PU foam.

5 benefits that make it a good choice to use PU foams in your mattress:

  • Comfortable Sleep Temperature: High-density PU foam effectively traps heat and can be an ideal choice for a warmer sleeping environment. Because of the bigger pore size, it does not trap as much heat as memory foam, but it does provide adequate warmth.
  • Relief from Pain: Although PU foam is an excellent choice for the comfort layer because it allows your body to sink reasonably and evenly, the experience is not the same as memory foam. Whereas memory foam traps heat and hugged your body, PU foam traps less heat and sinks without hugging. Because PU foam is a medium-soft material, it can help relieve muscle pain at the end of the day.
  • Support: Low density or low-quality PU foam is not a good choice for support. However, extra-firm or very high-density is also used in some orthopedic mattresses. This helps to keep the mattress affordable, and using PU foam in the core has no drawbacks.
  • Supports sleeping orientation: Because PU foam is a softer material, it allows your body to sleep in a variety of positions while also allowing for movement. As a result, sleeping on the side or back would not be a problem. However, it is best to use high-density PU foam for some support as well as comfort.
  • Dual-usability: As previously stated, PU foam can be used in a variety of ways, making it one of the best materials for a variety of applications. Edge casing, core support, and support layers can all benefit from high-density rigid foam.
SMFPL Mattress Grade Foams

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