Mattress Grade Foam

GreenGel Foams:

GreenGel Foams are a class apart from the other gel-based products available in India. Gel Foams are essentially treated with real gel beads using American Technology and additives to enhance their elasticity and durability, and thus help them maintain high performance.

They are great for temperature management and have high breath ability and porosity. The use of Green Gel also ensures better load distribution and environment friendliness.

Available in 2 densities – 32 and 40.

Silkysoft Foam:

The SilkySoft range of Foams, is our latest offering. Apart from being extremely soft, they are also incredibly silky in feel, thus making them ideal for use in high – end upholstered furniture and mattress quilting/core.

Available in 2 densities – 20 and 35.

Memory Foam:

Memory Foam adapts to the contours of your body to provide excellent support and relieve pressure points. The High-density Foam responds to body heat by softening on contact and moulds to the shape of the body in a mater of a few minutes.

Available in 2 densities – 55 and 65.

Ortho Foam:

A proprietary foam from the house of Cenflex, Othro Foam is an improved alternative for materials such as rebonded Foam and EPE.

Infused with higher tensile strength and resilience, it makes for an excellent choice for mattress bases and side or corner sofas. The increased hardness of the foma enhances the rigidness of the furniture and gives it a sturdy look.

Available in 3 densities – 18,28 and 32.

SuperSoft Foams:

SuperSoft Foams are our plushest offering, They are ideal when the goal is to increase comfort, whether as an extra padding atop mattresses or in furniture. Intense R&D on the chemical formulation and composition, makes these foams extremely durable inspite of their siftness and sets them apart from anything else available in the market.

Available in 2 densities – 23 and 32.

High Resilience (HR) Foam:

High Resilience Foam is the highest grade of polyurethane foam. These Foams contour to the body Exceptionally well, and their cell structure enables extreme elasticity and optimal supporting force by distributing pressure across an entire surface, thus offering greater bounce and better support for sleeping(mattresses) as well as seating (Sofas/chairs) applications. The elasticity of HR Foam also helps in prolonging the comfort of a mattress or sofa.

Available in 2 densities – 32, 45 and 55.

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