Resilia is a brand of very high resilience foam manufactured at Shree Malani Foams Pvt. Ltd.
Resilia stands out from other foams in the market for the following reasons :
  • Its high resilience, that makes it the ideal choice for select applications in the comfort industry.
  • Use of Anti-Microbial Technology in Resilia inhibits growth of stain and odour causing bacteria and fungi. This also prevents degradation of foam from exposure to water used for spot cleaning/washing.
  • It retains its shape and strength for several years, thus offering long-lasting and efficient use. This is reinforced by its distinction of being the first foam product in the market to have a Lifetime Warranty.

Foams under Brand Resilia are superior quality products that are used for high-end comfort applications in mattresses and cushioning. Resilia is available in the market in the following densities – 28 kg/m3, 32 kg/m3, 40 kg/m3 & 50 kg/m3.